Corona – a kitchen song

What´s NuBlu4u?

NuBlu4U stands for New Blues for You. I want to take you with me to  listen to my musical stories. The music is just like a freight train.
Each waggon is loaded with a story that I want to tell. Once the train is fully packed I start the engine and put it on track to you. Try it
out and listen, there is a lot to discover. The best you can get is the band live on stage, the rhythm is going to get you! Have fun, Daria

Daria at Youtube

On Youtube there are always selected songs that I would like to share with you ... to introduce you. Again and again there are new topics that deserve to be presented in the image to appear. Listen and leave me a like there, if you want it subscribe you will not miss a new video.

Me and my Guitar

Huh, whenever that was! 1982 I purchased my very first own guitar. A Yamaha Jumbo Western Guitar. I was so proud carrying that thing home and call it my own. It's not many days that I have not been playing a guitar since then. A guitar has been my companion in times of troube and when the right words were missing.