Words are Darias central theme

Daria Kriegs grew up with music in Hamburg, Germany in the 1960’s. Writing story’s and poems, she always liked to put her thoughts in writing and solidify what she came across living in this vibrant city. Together with full bands, as a duo member or solo, the steel string guitar developed into her favorite and steady companion. In most cases music and lyrics arise separately and are finding each other in a „mystic“ way, as she like to put it.

Following 30 years of musical activity, in 2007 she published her first record „Herz verschenken“. It is about the magic of falling in love, enjoying it, loosing your love and suffer from being on your own but also enjoying solitude in a special way.

After a few years of writing and composing, she 2016 presents the bilingual CD "20 cents a minute“. Impressed by the all over the place copying of music data, she lets everybody know that a minute of her music is just 20 cents, the record with a runtime of 50 min’s being sold for 10 Euros. Moreover in songs like „Now you wonder“ she proceeds in her search for the precious moments of life and the hidden secrets of perception.

Composer and writer with strong feelings and a meticulous observer, this is what she is. The job as a successful sales manager in an international business environment delivers an even more complex set of perceptions. Also by this rich encounter her songs deliver a tempting, audible and sensible view on her view on life.